The Salaam Center Welcomes You!

The Salaam Center is dedicated to serve fellow Middle Eastern and Arabic-speaking refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers who have made the great city of Baltimore their new home.



The Salaam Center began operating in 2016 in its small storefront in Highlandtown, an east Baltimore neighborhood.  At the time, the Baltimore Resettlement Center was directly across the street, so it was easy for new refugees to find us.  The Arabic writing in our window was a welcome sight to many of them.


Many of the Muslim and Arabic-speaking refugees that came to Baltimore were settled in Moravia, a neighborhood just northeast of the Center, and Dundalk, a neighborhood nearby in southeast Baltimore.  Even though the Baltimore Resettlement Center moved in 2019, Highlandtown continues to be a good location for the Center.


Many of the people we serve had been displaced from their countries prior to coming to the U.S. Quite a few of them spent time in refugee camps in the Middle East or Africa, and some of the children were born in refugee camps. The refugee community served by the Salaam Center has changed somewhat since we began.  In 2016, many of the refugees who found their way to us were originally from Syria.  Since that time, we have had the opportunity to serve people from a wider range of Middle Eastern and African countries.


427 South Conkling St, Baltimore, MD 21224


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We are open Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.